Esther Lewis marched through the quiet streets of Concrete, head high despite a mild drizzle. Grateful it was the soft perpetual kind that eventually soaked through if you were out in it long enough, rather than the kind that saturated every layer before you could open an umbrella. Esther didn’t…

Concrete Terror — Chapter 3

His foot hurt. It wasn’t anything new. It always hurt. Used to be he thought he could learn to live with the pain. He was wrong. It shot through him like a fire alarm. It demanded notice, puling his engagement away from all lesser distractions.

“Evelene, these cakes are the cat’s whiskers.” Natalie plunged her fork into the short stack of pancakes. Saturated with butter, two pieces stuck on the tines dripped syrup onto Natalie’s threadbare corduroy pants. Oblivious to the spill, she shovelled the forkful of pancakes into her mouth.

“No one makes ’em…

He turned the knob. There was a slight delay, then the chaos of radio static filled the air. Peppered by tinny human voices, the noise went in and out. Harrison Treadwell fiddled with the tuner knob until the static receded and the chatter clarified. Crystal clear. Like he was on…

Ken Carlson

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